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Sustainable fashion


Posted on June 12 2019

Sustainable fashion
We believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.
So we are not only committed to making nice swimwear,but ensuring our product lines contribute to positive environmental change.
We have partnered with Econyl and are proud to produce our high quality swimwear range from regenerated& recycled materials.
Our aim is to be transparent and accountable. So we investigate and share by whom and under what conditions our swimwear is made. We have a nice and very busy workshop with local artisans working on the pieces you get to wear and we have made sure that the working conditions are great, and everyone is being paid fairly.
We currently make all pieces limited. This means we don’t have any excess stock wastage and make the absolute most of every piece of fabric.
Shop sustainable and together we can help to make difference to our oceans and planet!

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