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Swimsuit Dark Ocean

Swimsuit Dark Ocean

$120.00 USD

Size Bra
Size panties

Seductive swimsuit decorated with Swarovski crystals is perfect for a pool party or going to the beach. 

A balconette-style underwire bra lifts your breasts for a stunning cleavage.

High-rise panties look very sexy, emphasize the waist, lengthen the legs and emphasize the abs.
-High waist is not a new trend, it all started with her. Women didn't wear panties as we know it until the 1930s. They wore shorts under their clothes.
- Over the years, they have become more form-fitting. Femininity has officially returned to fashion.
- When choosing such swimwear and lingerie, it is important to pay attention to the material, color and finish. Be sure to pay attention to the size and fit.
Wear swimwear that makes you feel confident and sexy, and Crystal Eyez will help you with that!

You can choose thong panties instead of high-rise panties.